Who is it aimed at?

At all park visitors. If you have reduced mobility please contact the park staff.

What does the Sea Lion encounter include?

It is a chance to get close up to the sea lions with a learning experience guide about these magnificent creatures. With exercises in the pool with animals and trainers.


  • Time: 30-40 minutes.
  • Schedules and prices – Ask in the park.

The price includes:
A photograph with a sea lion, our staff will inform you of the characteristics of it. It cannot be exchanged for another photograph.

The price doesn’t include:

  • This activity is not included with the entrance ticket, so it must be purchased once in the park.
  • Any other photo which is not the one referred to above. The rest of the photos will be made by our photographic team during the encounter and offered at a special price by the Jungle park photographic dept.
  • Nothing that was not clearly included in the section ‘The price includes’.


The Environmental Education department in Jungle Park has rolled out a program of activities aimed especially at schools. Through encounters with animals the park seeks to foster learning and create experiences that encourage more young people to engage in environmentally friendly practices and help with conservation of biodiversity.

Nearly 3000 students from the different schools and collectives participate annually in the Jungle Park educational program. The activities are adapted to the children’s different levels: Pre-school, juniors and seniors. The youngest children that take part in the program activities are only three years old.

The tour includes an educational talk in our classroom, given by our biologists and sea lions trainers, students also enjoy an exhibition at the sea lions pool where they can see very closely the behavior and characteristics of these magnificent animals. After this, students undertake a guided visit through different park facilities, where they can see a wide variety of different animals.

Our Commitment: educate to help environmental conservation, contributing to the qualitative and quantitative increase in environmental awareness and motivating sustainable attitudes in our visiting students. We are focused on orientating the activities to educate future responsible citizens.