Educational Department

At Jungle Park we are aware that, as a zoological center, in order to educate and raise awareness, we need to take on a role that goes beyond that of a mere leisure park. The fragile natural heritage of our planet, and the future of biodiversity are seriously compromised. Therefore, efforts are required from all agents that have the power to reverse this trend.

At Jungle Park we have an excellent team of professionals in charge of the Educational Department. Their activity focuses mainly on educating school children, not only because they are the key participants now but also because they could be running these activities in the future. Our goals are: Educating to learn, learning to love, and loving to gain respect for our natural heritage.

Visiting Options

Free visit

This option is for teachers seeking to guide school children freely through the park’s facilities. This option enables greater independence and the chance for children to go at their own pace.

Guided Visit

Children will gradually immerse themselves in a world of stunning beauty as they tour the park’s facilities led by our educators, while enjoying a coherent, well-structured presentation. It is the great variety and quantity of wildlife species that live in our park that has an unforgettable effect on our children, awakening their interest and curiosity, as well as, perhaps, setting the foundations for their future professional vocation.

Book your visit

You can book your visit by calling the park phone: +34 626620170.