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In the months of JULY and AUGUST we will have an amazing Pirates Show in Tenerife.

Jungle Park surprises us this summer with an incredible show. Surrounded by nature and exotic species the humor of some real pirates arrived from the Caribbean seas.

EVERYDAY: 1 SHOW  (13:30 H.)

Half an hour of comedy theater where our Pirates will interact with the public; focused for families and in Spanish and English language.

The show will be held in the amphitheater where the shows of Marine Lions and Exotic Birds are performed.

The real Pirates of the Caribbean … will hide and inhabit the jungle with a single objective: Surprise, challenge and even duel with our visitors…

It’s time to believe in the Pirates…

The legend tells that in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Spanish and English fleets were the aim desired by the Pirates in the Caribbean Sea. This summer they dock in Tenerife and their destination is JUNGLE PARK.

Bird's Shows


Bird of prey show


You can now enjoy one of the world’s best bird of prey shows

If what you want is to feel the adrenaline flowing at high speed through your veins, you can now enjoy one of the world’s best bird of prey shows twice every day.

This show will enable you to witness a broad variety of birds in free flight from a very short distance. Indeed, we will observe them flying only a few centimetres over our heads, hopping, playing about, and even walking. Keep your eyes wide open, so your retinas can record these amazing displays of pure power and speed.

Don’t miss the flight of the eagles over our heads, sometimes so high in the sky that the eye can’t detect them.

Exotic bird show


Intelligent parrots, macaws, talking parrots, hornbills, and others will delight you will their vast array of skills either on the ground or in full flight, or interacting with people.

The power, strength, and speed of the birds of prey find its right counterbalance on the multi-coloured explosion of our three free flight and pirouette shows featuring a broad range of exotic birds.

You’ll be amazed by their skills.

Sea Lions Show

You will fall in love with with our sea lion family Bruno, Casper, Julia, Bimba, Cookie, Alysa, xana and Perla when they show you this exhibition full of harmony and interaction with the public Enjoy this new and incredible show with the sea lions.

There are 6 females and 2 male sea lions and they will delight you, showing you how capable they are.  They love to show their skills in a great spectacle, helped buy our specialised trainers and the facilities here in the park.


Other Attractions


Cover over 800 meters of high-speed jungle-crossing track driving one of these amazing vehicles. We don’t ask for driving license, just the determination to have a great time

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