Bird's Shows


Bird of prey Exhibition show

halcones show

Enjoy one of the best raptor free flight exhibitions in the world. Experience adrenalin with the velocity of the dives of the great eagles and the nearby flights of a wide variety of birds of prey. Keep your eyes wide open and don’t miss the most thrilling scenes of speed and power in their pure nature.

Sea Lions Show

Enjoy the innovative and incredible sea lion exhibition show that will delight you with their natural skills in and out of the water, together in hands with their trainers.

You will fall in love with our sea lion family in an exhibition full of interaction with the public.

You will not imagine what they are capable of !

leones marinos show

Other Attractions


Cover over 800 meters of high-speed jungle-crossing track driving one of these amazing bobsleighs. We don’t ask for driving license, just the determination to have a great time!