Sea Lion encounter

Sea Lion encounter


What are the objectives of the Sea Lion encounter?

The aim of the activity directed at our visitors is to allow them to experience these animals so they learn more about them and can understand the importance of maintaining their habitat and the environment as often their lives are endangered due to human actions.

The main danger for these magnificent animals is the way the seas are being polluted, and Jungle Park hopes with this educational activity that we can make the participants understand that they shouldn’t throw rubbish in the seas, stopping their contamination and therefore saving many of these animals which are in danger.

What is the Sea Lion encounter?

This is a new activity which brings you close to the wonderful world of the Sea Lions, where you can become animal trainers, you will understand the work they do, see the behaviour of these animals, see the facilities and understand their quirks through the trainers.

The activity takes place in the main Sea Lion pool with the help of the sea lions. The trainers explain the training techniques and the participant can experience some of the exercises the sea lions do. They are happy to take part and allow the trainers to show the participants all their anatomical details. The trainers explain how the animals are cared for, biological details such as the differences between Sea lions and seals, how they sleep….. and many other aspects of the sea lions interesting lives. The whole encounter is interactive and fun.

Exclusive Activity. In small groups
Unique and unforgettable experience
Take this opportunity

Who is it aimed at?
At all park visitors. If you have reduced mobility please contact the park staff

How much does it cost?
The activity takes about 30-40 minutes approximately and costs 55€ per person. This activity can be purchased in the park (entrance ticket extra)

What does the Sea Lion encounter include?

It is a chance to get close up to the sea lions with a learning experience about these magnificent creatures and also included is the chance to swim with the sea lions in the main pool.


The price includes:
A photo with one of the Sea Lions whilst the staff are explaining the animal. This can’t be changed for any other photo

The price doesn’t include:


The Environmental Education department in Jungle Park has rolled out a programme of activities aimed especially at schools. Through encounters with animals the park seeks to foster learning and create experiences that encourage more young people to engage in environmentally friendly practices and help with conservation of biodiversity.

Nearly 3000 students from the different island participate annually in the Jungle Park educational programme. The activities are adapted to the children’s different levels: Pre-school, juniors and seniors. The youngest children who take part in the programme activities are three years old.

The tour includes an educational talk in our classroom, given by our biologists and sea lions trainers, as well the students enjoy an exhibition by the sea lions where they can see very closely the behavior and characteristics of these magnificent animals, After this the students undertake a Guided visit through the other park facilities, where they can see different species of cats, primates and birds.

Our Sea Lion family is made up of two males and six females of different ages. To help our visitors understand the importance of maintaining the environment in nature of these creatures we have started a reproduction programme with our Sea Lions.

Our Commitment: to educate to help environmental conservation, contributing to the qualitative and quantitative increase in environmental awareness and motivating sustainable attitudes in our visiting students. We are focused on orientating the activities to educate future responsible citizens.

This is the reason we created the FUNDACIÓN ASPRO NATURA so it can contribute to the protection of nature, raise public awareness of participation in wildlife conservation, environmental education, investigation and reproduction of species in danger of extinction.

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